• What is dimming glass?

    What is dimming glass?

    Smart Dimming Glass is a layer of liquid crystal film sandwiched between two layers of glass. The liquid crystal film is covered by a PVB film at the center, and then placed in an autoclave. In addition to all the application characteristics of glass, smart dimmable glass also has a privacy prote...
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  • Digital Printing on Glass

    Digital Printing on Glass

    How Does It Work? Digital ceramic glass printing can be used for almost any application where imagery, patterns, or texts are required on a glass surface. The process starts with the selection of the ink. The ceramic inks used for glass printing consist of a combination of submicron fritted glas...
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  • How to design the glass door cold room?

    Glass door cold room is a special design cold room. To make space on the front side of the cold room for customers picking food and beverage. Here are some points about how are design to make it. 1)Here are popular glass door sizes. 1 door in a set: 804*1840mm 2 doors in a set: 1582*1840mm 3 door...
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  • What is the Impact of the Glass Door Cold Room Power Failure?

    First, frequent power outages can cause some damage to the Glass Door Cold Room at the next startup. 1. Frequent power failures are very harmful to the glass door freezer. When the freezer suddenly shuts down during normal operation, it takes at least 5 minutes to open, which affects the life of ...
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  • The reason why the glass door of the freezer is not tightly closed.

    It is quite common for the glass door of the refrigerator to not close properly, and this problem will occur in domestic and commercial refrigerators.  When we’re at home, we rarely pay attention to keeping the freezer door closed, which is a huge drain on electricity.  When the air is comp...
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  • Exhibition

              Our factory participated an exhibition this year,we displayed our new design freezer glass door,vending machine glass door, many customers came to our booth,they showed much interest in our glass door,there are indications that our industry grows are growing.
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  • New factory set up

    New factory set up

    ZHEJIANG YUEBANG GLASS CO.,LTD. has started construction of the new plant, which is expected to be completed in December 2021. The new plant covers an area of 15,000 square meters.include two floors of workshop and four floors of office.  After the new plant is established, We will add 1more insu...
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  • LED Glass Door

    LED Glass Door is a standard product produced by our company for customers in the cooler field. The product uses 4mm Low-E Tempered Glass + 4mm Tempered Glass, LED logo is curved on acrylic or etched on Glass and put in the middle of this 2 tempered glass. Commonly the display effect is much bett...
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  • NEW Arrival in September – Frameless Painting Glass Door with Round Corner

    NEW Arrival in September – Frameless Painting Glass Door with Round Corner

    After the introduction of Square Corner Glass Door with Add-on Handle in July. Today, we want to introduce you his sister, Round Corner Glass Door. Specifications Below: Customize Painting Available Add-on Handle and Aluminum Frame Adjustable Size Double or Triple Glazin...
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  • New Arrival in July – Square Corner Freezer/Cooler Glass Door

    New Arrival in July – Square Corner Freezer/Cooler Glass Door

    With increasing of desire for aesthetic, YB Glass keep focusing on products performance and exterior design. Today, we want to introduce you a new design - Frameless Glass Door with Add-on Handle. Silk Printing Around Add-on Aluminum Handle Aluminum Frame Low-E tempered ...
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  • Something you don’t know about the condensation on your Glass Door Fridge

    Something you don’t know about the condensation on your Glass Door Fridge

    Condensation Did you know that glass door fridges form condensation (water) on the outside of the glass in areas with high humidity? This not only gives a bad look, but can cause water to form on your hardwood floor, causing irreparable damage or making tiled floors dangerously slippery. Not a lo...
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  • Do you really know Tempered Glass?

    Do you really know Tempered Glass?

    Tempered glass Tempered or toughened glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Tempering puts the outer surfaces into compression and the interior into tension. Such stresses cause the glass, when br...
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